Some online menu descriptions are currently being adjusted and may not reflect what is currently available. Thanks.


  • Several Varieties
    of Waffles

    Our irresistible waffles are made to order using
    our house-made waffle batter.

  • Steak and Eggs

    Start the day right with this filling low-carb, protein-packed breakfast
    that will leave you satisfied and energized for hours

  • Delicious Varieties of Pancakes

    Enjoy the homey goodness of our fluffy golden brown pancakes
    made with our house-made batter.

  • Our Classic Crepes

    You'll love with our delicately thin crepes made with our house-made batter
    and filled with sweet or savory ingredients. Served with whipped cream.

  • Our Decadent
    French Toast

    Our French Toast features Fresh French bread.
    Served with whipped cream and dusted with icing sugar

Classic Crepes

Delicious Pancakes

Irresistable Waffles

Decadent French Toast

Classic Omelettes

Egg Breakfasts